Who We Are


The African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church (AME Zion) is a denomination with a history which spans more than two hundred years. Recognized for inspirational worship, impactful ministries, social justice, educational excellence, and economic and community development, it is one of more than two hundred and thirty-five denominations which comprise the World Council of Churches headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. Inclusive of twelve episcopal districts, AME Zion is considered the Freedom Church, with the mission to build ministries which change lives, alter conditions, and create sustainable communities.

The Western Episcopal District (W.E.D.) of the AME Zion Church is one of twelve episcopal districts. The W.E.D. District consists of 5 multi-cultural and racially diverse Annual Conferences, eight Presiding Elder Districts, and fifty-two churches. The Annual Conferences are on the west coast of the United States and stretches from San Diego in southern California to Fairbanks, Alaska in the north and in between encompassing the states of Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington.

Often referred to as the WEST, the Western Episcopal District is under the anointed leadership of Presiding Prelate, Bishop Staccato Powell. Bishop Powell has brought to the District a vision and model for ministry that has placed this branch of Zion in the midst of a major paradigm shift moving with all deliberate speed from stagnation to dynamic and permeating proliferation of spiritual and numeric growth across the ecclesiastical landscape. The intent is to reclaim God’s original mandate for His church and to recapture the expansion of the first century of Zion Methodism.

With an ecumenical arch to ministry, Bishop Powell firmly believes in spreading the gospel throughout the world. The W.E.D. is also proclaiming the good news of Christ and planting the AME Zion flag in East Africa, including the countries of Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Rwanda and Burundi and Tanzania where the work is centered on evangelizing, praying, preaching and planning. The focus is also on the educational and economic development needs of the communities in these countries that will help to lay a foundation for interchange between Africans in America and the people of East Africa.


The Western Episcopal District shall become the model of ministry for people who Dare 2 Believe that Jesus alters conditions, enhances relationships, transforms lives and creates new sustainable communities. 


The mission of The Western Episcopal District is to serve communities by addressing behavioral health, adequate housing, lifelong educational opportunities and healthy, nutritious living.


Our unwavering core values which permeates what and how we operate and which guides us in fulfilling our mission are:

  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Transformation
  • Impact


  • Behavioral Health Programs (Example – Mental Health Initiative)
  • Adequate Housing (Example – Township 9 )
  • Educational Opportunities from cradle to the grave (Examples - Kidz 4 Christ; Support to AMEZ schools and colleges)
  • Nutrition, Health and Wellness (Example – Health Ministries in local churches)